My book!

My memoir, “Called by Name” is now available!

“As a Christian raised in the late 90’s, Anna Shane Stadick planned on being the “perfect Christian” and dreamed about finding the love of her life. She never planned on sitting in her garage inhaling carbon monoxide, begging the voice in her head to let her leave.

Anna’s hopes and beliefs were robbed of her, replaced with a struggle to navigate her Bipolar Disorder diagnosis. How could a God who called her by name leave her in devastating darkness?

“Does everything have a purpose?” and “why is God silent?” These are the questions Anna confronts after a night of traumatic hallucinations, a week in a mental hospital, and a mess of pill bottles that wreak havoc upon her mind.

Called by Name is an honest memoir about a young woman unraveling her faith and piecing it together again.”

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